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Waterproof Telecom Distribution Krone Module Box IP65


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We are direct manufacturer of Waterproof ABS Krone module box & Telecom Distribution boxes IP65 and IP67. Elegant design with heavy duty ABS Enclosure for outdoor applications. Inbuilt krone module frames fitted with modules on it. Suitable PG Glands for cable inlet and outlets. 

Genuine and authenticated with virgin ABS material with IK08 Impact strength. Widely used waterproof enclosure krone module box for residencial, data center, government offices, call center, corporate offices, factories and companies, hospitals and clinics, Apartments, security services and many more .

In case of bulk orders, we can supply customized waterproof enclosures for special requirements. Customization can be done with cutouts and glands, mounting holes, cable holes etc.

Technical Specifications


30 Pair Krone Module Box SLA+ IP65 ABS



50 Pair Krone Module Box SLA+ IP65 ABS



100 Pair Krone Module Box SLA+ IP65 ABS



200 Pair Krone Module Box SLA+ IP65 ABS



70 Pair Krone Module Box SLA+ IP65 ABS



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Custom Telecom Distribution Boxes

Customized Mounting Plates

Use our laser cutting for your custom mounting plate holes and cut outs. Save your assembly time, efforts and burdons.

Customized Holes & Cutouts

Customized holes and cutouts for Thermoplastic Enclosures

Custom Gland Holes, slots, cut outs possible with our laser machine. No matter what side of enclosure it is.

Customized Krone Modules

30 Pair Telecom Distribution Board TOP View

Varieties of Glands available based on Cable size. PG7, PG9, PG11, PG13.5, PG19, PG23, PG29 are most common sizes.

Customized Glands

IDIS India Terminal Junction Box Electrical IP67 Water Proof 100 x 100 x 80 With terminal and wiring iso

Varieties of Glands available based on Cable size. PG7, PG9, PG11, PG13.5, PG19, PG23, PG29 are most common sizes.

Idis India Order System

All our products are 100% Genuine and procured from authenticated sources. We are authorized delater for havells switchgear for solar products. 

All our products have unique ID number for easy identification. In case of placement of order, we request to send us the ID number from our pricelist to serve you better.

We are regularly updating our pricelist, so please confirm the latest prices from our website.

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Inhouse Manufacturing for Injection moulding moulds & components helps us development of Plastic Parts in commited time. Our Average lead time is 15 Days.

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