Nylon 6 Injection Moulding
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Nylon 6 or PA6 Is most common High strength thermo plastic material widely used in Plastic injection moulding parts and components. Engineering parts, Automobile parts and gears and many more areas are dependent on ABS parts.

Addition of Glass filler can improve the strength and wear resistance of Nylon. This makes it very wide service areas. Metal and Bearing Insert moulding Injection moulding parts with Nylon adds much cost benefits and reduces part weights. Below options of Glass filled Nylon 6 are readily available with us.

NYLON Material Specifications

Benefits of Nylon Injection Moulding Parts

Low Weight

Medium cost

High Impact

Easy Machining

Good Insulating

Easy Moulding

Our latest Nylon injection molding parts

Nylon 6 Screws


Nylon 6 Hinges


Nylon Fulcrum


Nylon Clamp


Nylon Bearing Insert Moulded Roller


Nylon 6 Wall Bracket


Nylon 6 Clamp


Nylon Suction Plate

Nylon-PA6-Injection-Moulded-Suction-Plate (1)

Nylon Distance Sleeve


Nylon PA6 Thread Ring


Nylon 6 30GFN NRV


Nylon Panel Clamp


Nylon 6 PA 6 Injection Molding Data

Why Nylon 6 Injection Moulding

Nylon 6 Specification

Application of Nylon 6

Nylon Injection Moulding Parameters

Mould Design, Manufacturing, Supply - One stop solution

We Idis India is a reputed and fast growing enginerring parts manufacturer and supplier specially in Injection moulding plastic components. Our in house mould design, development and moulding facility helps us for quick and faster supply of plastic injection moulded components in time. latest technology of 3d scan, 3d Print makes prototype component for initial customer review and approvals. In house injection moulding facility produce the sample and trial pieces prior to hardchrome and super finishes.

Process of Nylon Injection moulding mold manufacturing

Concept Model

Conceptual Model for Injection Moulding Plastic Parts

3D Print or Proto

3d Printing and Prototype Design and development for Injection Moulding parts

Mould Design

Injection Moulding Mould Design and Development

Shaping Grinding

Shaping and Grinding for Injection Moulding moulds


VMC for Injection moulding moulds


Drilling and tapping for Injection moulding moulds

Spark EDM

EDM and Spark for Injection moulding moulds

Ruff Polishing

Ruff Polishing of Injection moulding mould


Assembly of Injection moulding moulds

Mould Trial

Trial of Injection moulding mould

Final Polishing

Final Polishing of Injection moulding moulds

hardchrome Electroless

Nitriding, Hardchrome and electroless polishing of Injection Moulding Moulds

Our KPIs

Cost Effective

Experts for Low to Medium level Component design and developments. If your projects/parts are not complex, Idis India are best choice for you.

On time Delivery

Inhouse Manufacturing for Injection moulding moulds & components helps us development of Plastic Parts in commited time. Our Average lead time is 15 Days.

Honesty & Genuine

We believe Customer is always Priority and we work for them. Dedicated to customer service with loyalty and positive approach under any circumstances.

Wide Network

We have tied up with many logistics partners for intra and international deliveries. No matter how small or big order/consignment it is.

Pan India Presence

15 Years Experience

Low cost

Easy Available


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